Liberty Lending

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When it comes to getting a personal loan, there are many options available. Liberty Lending is one of the most popular lenders, but is it legit? Or is it a scam? In this Liberty Lending review, we’ll take a look at their rates and fees, as well as their terms and conditions. We’ll also discuss how they compare to other personal loan lenders. So, is Liberty Lending a scam? Or is it legit? Keep reading to find out!

Liberty Lending offers personal loans with terms of up to 36 months. They have a minimum loan amount of $3,500 and a maximum loan amount of $40,000. Their interest rates range from 11.99% – to 35.99% APR, and their origination fee is 0%. Liberty Lending does not require collateral for their personal loans.

Liberty Lending is a legitimate lender that is licensed by the states in which they operate. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Liberty Lending has been in business since 2014 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

Liberty Lending seems like a great option if you are in the market for a personal loan however I would still recommend reading all the fine print and doing your research to be sure. As always, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

Liberty Lending Rates

Who owns Liberty Lending?

We don’t really know. The company is a bit of a mystery. Personal Loans seem to be their main game, but we can’t be sure. What we do know is that you should be careful before taking out a loan with them.

Personal Loans seem to be their main game, but we can’t be sure. What we do know is that you should be careful before taking out a loan with them. There have been reports of people being scammed by Liberty Lending. So, if you’re considering taking out a loan with them, be sure to do your research first.

Liberty Lending Pros and Cons

Liberty Lending is a new personal loan company that has recently come under fire for its high-interest rates. While they do offer some competitive rates, there are some serious drawbacks to using this lender. Here are a few things to consider before taking out a loan with Liberty Lending.

One of the biggest cons of using Liberty Lending is that they have been accused of being a scam. There have been several reports of people being promised low-interest rates, only to be charged much higher rates once they’ve applied for the loan. If you’re considering taking out a loan with this company, be sure to do your research and read the fine print carefully before signing anything.

Another downside to using Liberty Lending is that their customer service is notoriously bad. If you have any problems with your loan or need to speak to someone about your account, good luck getting in touch with anyone. There have been multiple reports of people being unable to get through to customer service, and when they finally do, they’re often met with rude representatives who are unhelpful.

Overall, there are more cons than pros to using Liberty Lending. If you’re considering taking out a loan with this company, be sure to do your research and read the fine print carefully before signing anything. You may be better off going with another lender who has a better reputation and customer service record.

Liberty Lending BBB Reviews:

If you’re considering taking out a personal loan with Liberty Lending, you may want to take a look at their BBB reviews first. While the company does have an A+ rating, they have also closed six complaints in the last three years. Five of those complaints were closed in the last 12 months.

When looking at reviews, it’s always important to take into account the number of complaints compared to the size of the company. For example, a company with 100 employees that has 50 complaints is likely doing something wrong. However, a company with 1000 employees that has 50 complaints is much less cause for concern.

With that being said, if you do decide to take out a loan with Liberty Lending, be sure to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions. There have been some complaints of people being scammed by this company, so it’s important to be aware of that before you apply.

Here are some Liberty Lending BBB Reviews:

Nina W. 12/03/2021

I went through a debt consolidation program and they introduced me to this company. I started off owing the credit cards 10000;00 and when they offered this loan they told me that I would just be paying off a little over the ******* that was left..after talking to the loan company(these people) I would be paying nearly the same amount that I started off with the debt consolidation program. Don’t pay attention to all of these 5-star reviews because they are the people that work there or paid people to give 5-star reviews. these people are scammers and rip-offs. I closed my bank account and they can not take out any money. I ruined my credit going through the debt con. so I have to wait for 7 yrs anyway…I put a complaint to the BBB…they have complaints about this company…watch out for this company and their high-interest rate…

Charles W. 09/03/2021

This lender is for financially ignorant and desperate people and will be a financial crisis hotbed like that one in 2008 except on a smaller scale. They claim to offer borrowers loans with rates as low as ****% etc to help people pay off credit card debts or other high-interest debts but you will likely end up paying even higher interest they charge for the money they lend you than those you already own. It’s ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense: If you owe credit card debts of $15,000 with an interest rate of 16%. They might lend you $15,000 to pay them off but with a rate of 26.99%! As for Star rating, I gave them 1 star and they are for their hard-working friendly staff! Have a nice day folks!

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service 03/11/2022

I was roped into taking a loan with them by another company with an APR of a whopping 25%. After paying on it for some time and the principal barely going down over $500 a month paid for a year and maybe $500 on the principal paid. I contacted them when COVID hit and I took a loss at work and asked to refinance at a lower rate and they refused to do anything to assist me. Now I’m trying to settle with them and can’t get a straight offer to settle on. I have one email with an offer of $11,260, then they said no the lowest they will go is ******. I have offered to settle for $9,000 but the person I’m working with refuses to work with me and gives me different numbers. I would really like to get this settled, but it’s near impossible when they keep giving different numbers and contradicting themselves.

Is Liberty Lending a legitimate company?

Personal loan companies have been getting a bad rap lately, and Liberty Lending is no exception. There have been complaints of high-interest rates, hidden fees, and even fraud.

So, what do customers have to say about Liberty Lending? Unfortunately, the reviews are mixed. Some customers report satisfaction with the loan process and customer service, while others have had negative experiences. It’s important to note that any company that deals with money will inevitably have some unhappy customers. However, it’s always worth doing your research before taking out a loan from any lender.

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