President-Elect Biden’s Campaign Proposal to Reduce Federal Student Loans

Federal Student Loan Aid

Will Biden Follow Through On Federal Student Loan Aid President-elect Joe Biden had made a campaign proposal to reduce thousands of dollars of federal student loans. During the campaign, he had outlined a plan to reduce the federal debts owned by about 37 million Americans through an executive order. Biden had promised a month before […]

The Great Gatsby Curve

Great Gatsby Curve

What is the Great Gatsby Curve? The Great Gatsby Curve was first introduced in 2012 in a speech made by Alan Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers during President Obama’s administration. The Great Gatsby Curve looks at the relationship between the elasticity of income between generations and inequality. Some versions of the curve […]

Minority College Students Target of Job Scams

minority college students

The coronavirus has made people more desperate when it comes to finding a job – and this is especially true for minority college students. Millions of people have applied for unemployment benefits over the year and the situation has only started to get better. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are being added to the world […]

Student Debt Gets Moodys Downgrade

Student Bonds

The $1.5 Trillion Student Debt Problem The stock market might be soaring, but student debt is still in a shocking state. After a gain in Friday’s monthly job report, the US stock market is once more on the rise. Perhaps the economy could bounce back quicker than anyone expected after the ravages of the pandemic. […]